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[xswiftbus] set XSquawkBox datarefs where applicable
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Based on the discussion about CPDLC here:

  • XPlane plugins use datarefs (XSB)
  • We could also support them
  • Not high prio
  • but based on discussion some of them would be very easy to set on XSwiftBus side

CPDLC discussion

abeavil [17:24]
we (i work for magknight) and Toliss/FF have got pretty good implementations of CPDLC for the 787/A350 working now using that interface

klaus.basan [17:26]
and where are the CPDLC data coming from? I fail to see how this is related to VATSIM as VATSIM does not support a CPDLC standard yet (edited)

abeavil [17:27]
In our case, we use contact-me messages for radio uplink, and have collected a substantial amount of euroscope alias messages, then match them

oktal [17:28]
there is some _de facto_ standard used by agreement between controllers and pilots, this is the CPDLC we discussed supporting long time ago
swift supports 3+ different simulators, with more possible. So not just XP. We could provide the XSB datarefs on XP only. It would be nice to support XSB addons out of the box. But it's not a high priority at present. Beta is coming, and with it more open access to our source code; let's see if we get any more developers lending a hand.

abeavil [17:28]
it can also send structured text messages for quite a lot of stuff

klaus.basan [17:33]
Just for me to get it right, you are using normal FSD/VATSIM text messages for CPDLC? And by structured text messages you mean the format for those messages?

abeavil [17:33]
yes, we are

klaus.basan [17:34]
Can you upload those messages overview for me just to get an impression. Please use the + button "Code/Snippet"
Or upload as file

abeavil [17:37]
i'll assemble a list of them
most of what i've got in my local one is from the UK alias set


klaus.basan [18:19]
thanks, again for my understanding

  1. Do you also send CPDLC values or just display those messages in a CPDLC unit?
  2. Are there other use cases (besides CPDLC) you know usings those data refs?

abeavil [18:20]
there are seporate messages that are sent from the plane, but i don't have that list currently
i know it's used for selcal and some small things
mostly just adding features that XSB doesn't support by default

klaus.basan [18:23]
and are you sending CPDLC messages also or is it just displaying?

abeavil [18:23]
we are also sending them, but that code isn't very far along

abeavil [18:31]
it's used by some things for checking if you're connected to vatsim, such as aerobask's GA planes

klaus.basan [18:33]
and you "parse" all private ATC messages for the above patterns?
and if it matches you display them as CPDLC message, otherwise ignore

abeavil [18:34]
we parse every message that XSB recieves, which include ones on frequencies

klaus.basan [18:34]
I see

abeavil [18:34]
the on-frequency ones we check against the callsign then the other stuff

Related internal discussion

klaus.basan [17:35]
@oktal what are the datarefs?

oktal [17:37]

klaus.basan [18:11]
datarefs: that seems to be similar to the P3D/FSX offsets defined by SB4. writing and reading to a memory area.

To me it looks like it was reasonable effort to support setting these values. In the FSX driver I do that, but there it is actually only the XPDR mode. Of course I leave that up to RR/MS.
In P3D/FSX both vPilot and we swift support the SB offsets because those are the ones supported by the vendors

oktal [18:17]
Yeah, read/write by XP plugin API:
For which in xswiftbus we have our C++ wrapper:
Example using datarefs:

klaus.basan [18:21]
What are the contact-me messages? I remember them as normal text messages starting with "contact me" or is this something different?
Being naive, it sounds like we would only need to set the dataref for text messages when they are sent via XSwiftBus (edited)

oktal [18:30]
sounds right
contact-me's are regular private messages from ATC user? so whatever format the ATC client developer chose (edited)


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Just a note: actually it will be a little more complicated that just using the datarefs. They are not built-in datarefs in XP, they are added by XSB. With xswiftbus, XSB is not available, so the datarefs don't exist. We need to create them with [XPLMRegisterDataAccessor]( to emulate the XSB behaviour.

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