ASSERT crash
swift crasing with "ASSERT failue in QList"

IMPORTANT: a (hopefully) fixed version is available from Public download server . The quick fix only fixes the ASSERT issue, nothing else. Other fixes are subject of version 0.9.2

Since some days we have had sporadic reports about crashes showing "ASSERT failue in QList", and since yesterday many swift users have reported the issue.

We were able to find the cause of it:

  • swift reads the VATSIM data files
  • Since a few days there are data for voice rooms in that file which are different from the old format
  • those cause swift to crash, that part is our fault
  • on the other hand we have no idea why there are suddenly entries we have never seen in the years before


  • We have prepared a Quick fix version for 0.9.1. users. If you use 0.9.1. you can just overwrite your installation with that new version (just run the installer) and copy XSwiftBus. No need to do anything else. See Updating swift
  • 0.9.2 testers just update to the latest 0.9.2. developer version

We hope that the fix will be sufficient, as we could not test it - we had to decide if we provide it asap or test it longer. We decided for the asap version.

Written by kbasan on Jul 28 2019, 12:35 PM.
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Hi, the error seems to have returned, I am getting this error now

In J16#193, @pete.lurie wrote:

Hi, the error seems to have returned, I am getting this error now

Same issue here,