Please do it right - it saves us time and effort

If you register with our site, please consider 2 rules

  • Use your full real name and your VATSIM id in brackets, like Joe Doe (123456). Obviously a lot to ask for, as we get Joe 123456, Doe (123456), 123456 (Joe Doe). If you have no VATSIM id, Joe Doe is fine.
  • For the username use the first letter of your first name plus your last name like Joe Doe -> jdoe. All lower case. Middle initial is OK, so Joe Frank Doe -> jfdoe is fine. Not JDoe, not JoeDOE`.

If your account does not comply please change it in your profile:

We do not ask for this to annoy you, but to have a simple schema we can use and saves us time.

  • we need the full name for legal reasons
  • we need the VATSIM ids for interacting with the VATSIM eco system.
Written by kbasan on Dec 20 2018, 3:32 AM.
swift developer

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