Public beta and Discord support channel
When does public beta start? How to contact us for support?

IMPORTANT: Official public beta versions will have version numbers >= That is when everyone can use it!

Currently we are testing the beta release channels and release cycle. This means some 0.8.9 swift versions will show up as "beta". Testers can use these versions, however the official beta versions will start with numbers.

IMPORTANT: Status is still closed beta and connection to VATSIM is only allowed for the existing testing team. All others should wait for the public beta announcement. Connecting without being member of the testing team is considered a violation of CoC.

With the public beta (versions starting with 0.9.x) we will discontinue support on SLACK, our support will be via the Discord channels only. See the homepage for the URL to these channels.

SLACK has been a great tool throughout the years, but it requires invitations for all new users (at least as of the time of this post). We cannot manage this anymore, so we move on with Discord.

Please also use your real name in Discord, see Contact and Discord channel. It is a huge overhead for us if we have to figure out who you are, and furthermore have to guess your VATSIM id, your associated raised bug issues, or datastore credentials.

So stick with Registration and naming conventions, which seems to be a challenge for many unfortunately.

Written by kbasan on Mar 26 2019, 3:07 AM.
swift developer

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