Flying on VATSIM and registration

Thanks so far for the feedback and participation. Some feedback from our side:

  • Public BETA is about to arrive. There will be a statement here if it ready.
  • As said in the previous post, swift will be public beta starting with versions > 0.9.0
  • Only testers are allowed to use swift on VATSIM, all users who have access to the alpha downloads are testers
  • we have disabled registration on this site for the moment. Most people register here because they expect to become "tester" or something else. Registration here is only required to file bug reports for "normal users. Testers need an account here but alpha is closed for now, see posting below.
  • Nobody sticks with the registration policy - >70% of the account names are wrong (or rather not as we expect them). We have no idea why this happens and why it is so difficult to use the real name plus VATSIM id. Causes a lot of effort for us.
  • If you need to read the WIKI here and your account is pending, just logoff. You will see the public parts of the WIKI:
Written by kbasan on Apr 2 2019, 4:44 PM.
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