Public beta, some status information
Known bugs and further info

Public beta has started

So swift now can be used on VATSIM, no registration needed (unless you want to create mappings or file bug reports), everyone can give it a trial.

But please be patient. It is still beta, there will be some issue. We support 3 OS and 4 simulators, impossible for us to test all combinations. If you report a bug, we will deal with it. But you need to follow up, test, let us know if that worked.

Some general info: We cannot be online 24x7, swift is a hobby project. So sometimes you need to ask twice. And please try to help each other. We need a community supporting newbies, we cannot do all the support.

Known issues

As expected there are some issues with the 0.9.x version, and before everyone asks the same questions we try to give an overview.

  • The most relevant bug at this time is an issue which prevents the MICROPHONE on MacOS to be enabled. We look at it, but it will take some time.
  • Then there was a hick-up as the swift 0.8.8. did download the wrong installers, but this is easy to workaround by downloading from the download side.

Share docu, tutorials and tips

Then, please let us know if someone creates a tutorial or you have solved a problem somehow. We have to update our docu in that case, but we cannot do if we have no idea of a fix. We support 3 OS and around 4 simulators, we cannot test every detail on our own.

The minimum read in case of problems is:

Written by kbasan on Apr 13 2019, 11:30 AM.
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