swift alpha program
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General information

  • The swift alpha program allows you to participate in swift tests, access to early versions of swift, creating bug reports and feature requests.
  • By downloading swift you agree with the terms outlined here
  • The swift release cycle is: developer builds -> alpha versions -> public beta -> stable.
  • the swift alpha program allows access to development versions of swift, this means you will use the versions clarified for tests
  • please stay calm and patient if you face problems and discuss them with the developer team. For direct questions we have the "alpha chatroom" (login/registration required)
  • Contact. Please enable emails from swift-project.org and swiftnoreply(at)gmail.com for notifications
  • Understand which version to download and check installation hints before you install. You can check what is new in each individual version here: status
  • Check the QAs
  • The swift ecosystem: swiftecosystem
  • Please allow us to use crash reports, see Crash reports


In order to participate in "swift alpha" you need two accounts.

  • For Phabricator, you are looking at it right now. Here the swift documentation resides, you can file bug reports etc.
    • Read the registration policy
    • If not already done, register with Phabricator (this is where you are right now) by pressing the login button. Unfortunately this site does not support SSO with VATSIM yet.
    • If this does not work, contact us and ask for an account
  • the swift datastore, this is where we create mappings and you can download the alpha version

Download the alpha software

See Download alpha versions from datastore

Testing swift

See Testing swift

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