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I am confused about all the sites

Can be explained:

What is SSO?

SSO means single sign on, you do not need an extra username/password but you can use your VATSIM credentials.

I cannot login with with VATSIM SSO

Do a simple test, try to login to
If SSO does not work with you?

  • If not, there is a problem with your VATSIM credentials - you need to clarify with VATSIM.
  • If this works and not with datastore, let us know
  • Other hint: if you have a 6 digit VATSIM id, try to add a leading 0: 123456 -> 0123456
  • If this still does not work, contact us via alpha chat



  • My account is not approved yet. We approve users step by step (in waves). We want to handle user requests/issue before we accept new users testing
  • Where can I file bug reports? Here, check the status page first.
  • Why is there no voice in the YouTube tutorials? Simple, matter of time. They are subtitled because subtitles can be easily added and adjusted - so resources is the reason
  • Why is A and B not happening, happening faster etc.? Resources, easiest way of speeding up things, join and do it. Are capacity limit is reached.
  • I did not get a response to my query? Be patient, or ask again. Hobby project, limited resources (maybe we should set up a telephone hotline holding queue as in professional projects]]
  • In the alpha chat room, how to disable all the email notifications? Go to the top of the page, settings, you can change it there


  • Check the status page to see if something is ready
  • Currently you have to manually download, improved feature in development
  • You can override a swift installation, or just delete the folder.
  • Close swift before updating.

General swift Q&A

see Questions and answers (aka FAQs)

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