Getting started as a developer
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As a developer you need to complete a few things before you can start. No worries, this is a one time effort and grants you access rights for the various development tools.

General information

  1. make sure you receive email from * and swiftnoreply(at) Some systems will send notifications and/or require email verification
  2. Become a member of the alpha users. All information are here: swift alpha program
  3. There is a CLA you need to sign (this will allow the swift team to use your contributions).
  4. We need self organized supporters. We try to help, but cannot support each step.
  5. For read access to the git repository: you need to upload your ssh key to your settings.
    1. Shortcut is<username>/page/ssh/ if you cannot find your settings.
    2. You can push Differential patches
    3. But once you start to handle bigger tasks we will grant write access
  6. Contact
  7. doxygen

Software installation

  1. for communication: Install Teamspeak and TeamViewer for your platform. This is required for online meetings you need to attend.
  2. C++ programmers need to install git and the latest Qt version. For swift the (free) open source version of Qt/QtCreator can be used.

First goal

  1. Compile and start swift as C++ programmer.
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