Open tasks (if you want to help)
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Here you find some high level tasks (besides open issues and fixes) you could work on

as C++ programmer, swift pilot client

Requires: C++ skills, installation of Qt Creator

  • Radar screen, pilot client. Create a UI for a radar screen (similar) to the one in FsInn. Populate this with data
  • Integrate a small web server in the swift core, which will provide JSON web services as API to swift. Then the web service API will be used with the swift map:
    • we could integrate a small server, e.g. like this one
    • We would make the API of the swift core available as web services, see doxygen
    • we would change swift map (written in JavaScript) to call those web service and display the traffic near real time
  • swift pilot client download services. Allow to automatically update airline icons and such from the server
  • CPDLC integration
  • Read AIRAC data from locally installed data
  • Show previews of the models in the mapping tool. No idea if and how this is possible, but would be nice to have such a feature.

swift pilot client UI design tasks

Requires: less C++ skills than the above, but still installation of Qt Creator, more focused on the UI builder, stylesheets

  • Improve the layout of the text message parts. Currently this is layouted via a CSS, and mostly shown as table view. This could somehow look cooler
  • Also the popup error and warning messages look a bit crude and could be refined (more 3D looking). So this could be fine tuned as well. This screenshot shows what we mean
  • CPDLC: create the UI for the CPDLC integration

as PHP/JavaScript programmer

  • allow to request (change request) new liveries
  • allow to upload airline icons
  • notification services (push messages) when relevant data change (e.g. from datastore to slack)

no programming skills required

  • help with the efforts to create mappings, see Mapping hints and FAQs
  • help us to complete the airline icons. Provide us with airline icons we can integrate, see Providing airline icons . Mind the copyright!
  • ATC icons: We are using icons to represent the different ATC stations. Those icons currently have a low resolution. We could use them in higher resolutions and streamlined.
  • Read how to attach icons here: Adding icons (airlines etc.)
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