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Reporting bugs and requesting features
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IMPORTANT: You can drop attachments into the bug report edit page if you need to. Let us know your version and attach the log. files if possible (further info below)

Administrative requests

Administrative requests like account issues, joining alpha ...


Unsatisfied with the documentation / found a typo or something wrong?

  • If you want help yourself, we can grant you access rights so you can fix or author
  • File a documentation requests

swift pilot client

swift datastore

BugsFeature requests

swift map

BugsFeature requests

Identify swift version and setup

In case you need to identify the swift version and its setup for a bug report, you can use Help/About swift and then copy / paste the details to the bug report.

Attach log files

see Find swift log files . You can drop files into the textfield of an issue to attach them.

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