swift download and installation
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IMPORTANT: Close all running swift applications before starting the installation
IMPORTANT: If you face problems, check Troubleshooting installation and 1st start

Installing swift should be painless, however there are some hints which could be useful.

  • Which version to download?
  • Alpha users please check: status
  • On windows you might see a warning (you need to ignore) when you start the installer. We have no official MS certification.
  • The installation wizard can be run from the launcher. It allows you to (pre-)configure swift.
  • On Windows you might see a warning

Installing a new version

IMPORTANT: swift is just a directory install, you can simply delete the directory to uninstall if you like.
  • You need to accept the swift license agreement, see the legal page
  • You can just install a new version overriding the old. Some people have reported problems with that, in such a case just delete or uninstall swift.
  • We recommend you to keep updates of your model set, as creating a model set is the most time consuming job
  • swift knows settings and caches (data files, e.g. for downloaded data). You can copy those from other swift versions after installation. See Copy swift data from other versions

XSwiftBus (X-Plane only)

see XSwiftBus installation (X-Plane only)

swift directory concept

  • You can install as many swift versions in parallel as you like. swift is a directory based installation, no registry entries or such.
  • This is useful if you want to keep a stable version for online flying and a development version for testing.
  • Each installation has its own settings and cache files (and hence is isolated).
  • From the wizard you can copy settings / caches from one swift version to another swift version (if you like)
  • You can always open your directories from the main menu
    • Windows: normally C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\org.swift-project
    • Menu
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