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X-CSL: Download and Installation
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To get the X-CSL model sets you need to use the X-CSL Updater program that you will download from the X-CSL homepage. It is also suggested to create a subfolder for X-CSL inside X-Plane's "Custom Data"-folder to help you organize your model sets.

  1. download X-CSL Updater from
  2. extract the X-CSL Updater ZIP-file to a directory of your choice
  3. create a new folder inside Custom Data where you will store all X-CSL models, for example ..\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\XCSL
  4. start the X-CSL Updater
    • open File-menu => Set X-Plane location => browse to your X-Plane directory, select X-Plane.exe
    • open File-menu => Set custom path => confirm warning with OK => browse to your newly created X-CSL folder within X-Plane, for example ..\X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\XCSL
    • in the X-CSL Updater program click on Index on the bottom right
    • select the model sets from the list that need installation or updating and then click on Update. It may take a while to finish, depending on the number of models

When you are done you can close X-CSL Updater and start swift's Mapping Tool (swiftData), because now you'll need to update your "Active Model Set". For this please refer to our respective Tutorials and help pages.

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