Troubleshooting installation and 1st start
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Setup / bootstrap file trouble

See Setup data / bootstrap file.

X-Plane users: Warn of XSquawkBox conflict

XSwiftBus doesn't work properly if xsquawkbox is also installed. Ideally XSwiftBus could detect this situation and somehow tell the user "please disable/remove xsquawkbox".

For reference, the conflicted state is: XSwiftBus is available in the plugins menu, and the moment you hit "start server on session bus", then the swift gui shows "Simulator plugin loaded: X-Plane", and Settings/Simulator/Loaded goes from "No plugin" to "Support for the X-Plane simulator via the XSwiftBus plugin" but nothing else works: the gui's "sim" light remains off, the radio and transponder are not synchronised between GUI and x-plane; the aircraft type does not fill in even if you change it after connection.

Some issues with Mac OS

Not validated: Installation in Application failt, but in XPlane directory it works.

Additional Steps for Mac OS

IMPORTANT: For versions before 0.8.1 only. Try without that fix first.

A bug in Mac OS packaging currently blocks launching any swift application on Mac OS. Run the following steps to get it working:

Create config file with unique machine id for dbus by running

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/var/lib/dbus
echo "eec798facbde2ad4b0c9c5b15900eabe" > /tmp/machine-id
sudo cp /tmp/machine-id /usr/local/var/lib/dbus/machine-id

Run the launcher via

cd /Applications/swift-0.8.0/bin/ --bootstrapurl

All other applications can be launched via the launcher GUI.

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