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Test stages
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Testing stages

We will test the software in several stages. Please do not use parts not yet released for testing.

stagedatepurposereq. skills and prerequisites
M5autumn 2018VATSIM integration testsVATSIM test team
M4summer 2018XPlane without Qt classes and interpolation improvementsswift team, small test team outside VATSIM
M3spring 2018Test on smaller flight networks, gnd. flag and XPlane improvementssmall test team outside VATSIM
M2mid August 17test distributed DBus environment for pilot clientmostly a developer team test
M1end April 17test mapping tool and installation, create mappings for tests and future usersunderstand model matching, understand aircraft ICAOs, no programming skills needed, English as team language. Please watch the tutorials before you start
  1. Testplan M3
    1. Improve interpolation
    2. Improve gnd. flag handling with various clients, also non VATSIM clients
    3. XPlane improvements driver/QT library
  2. Testplan M2
    1. Connect to network with DBus client
    2. monitor simulation with DBus client
  3. Testplan M1:
    1. Misc:
      1. Do not fly on VATSIM yet, pilot client needs still improvements
      2. Set you a goal: Try to do at least 100, or better 2500 mappings. This sounds a lot when you have done the first 10, but the author has done couple of 1000s. You find your way to simplify the task. So you can select all aircraft of an airline and a distribution, then assign those values in 2 simple steps.
      3. Do not give up when you find a bug. Report it and carry on unless it is a showstopper.
    2. Watch the mapping tool YouTube videos as introduction
    3. Download and install swift from the alpha channel
    4. Start the mapping tool
    5. Load your own models into the mapping tool
    6. Understand filtering
    7. Now pick a model not yet in the database and try to create a mapping
    8. Publish this model. Try to publish at least 10 models.
    9. Once we see you got the idea, we might upgrade your role, you can then directly update into the DB, not only create change requests
    10. Carry on, pick you favorite AI package, and do as many mappings as you can
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